Starting with a Tasking Manager - iD editor

This guide is written for the HOT Tasking Manager, but the principles are the same for all versions.

The Essentials

TM Start

This image keymon shows you which buttons or wheel on a mouse has been used, and which keyboard buttons pressed.

  1. Go to a Tasking Manager (TM) site, for example Using your login, authorise the Tasking Manager to access your OpenStreetMap account.
  2. Start on a project designed for new mappers - these are often ‘buildings only’ projects.
  3. Read the Description and Instructions and make sure you understand what is needed before you start.
  4. The mapping is checked by ‘validators’ who often send messages giving valuable feedback on your contributions.
    Tip - Many validators start working at the top of the map and work down - you are more likely to get valuable feedback at an early stage if you use the map & select a square as close to the top as you can. (The yellow squares have been marked as complete, and the green ones have been marked as complete and then validated). Click on a white or pale grey square - more info at Guide to the Tasking Manager.
  5. Start mapping - you may need to read more of the sections in this HOT Tips chapter to get you going. HOT Tips sections on round buildings or Buildings with square corners may help.
  6. Save regularly - see HOT tips - saving
  7. Be patient - sometimes there is a shortage of validators and lots of new mappers all wanting feedback! Carry on mapping, but when you realise you have made a mistake (we all do!) see if you can fix it, or ask for help.
  8. If you need to know how to identify the exact square you are working on, in order to send a message, or obtain live feedback, please refer to the Tasking Manager section of LearnOSM

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