Issues - iD editor

Created 2019-06-28

The Essentials


The iD editor contains a ‘checking feature’ which can show potential problems with any area you are viewing. If you are mapping a square on the Tasking manager, you may wish to alter the settings so that you see potential errors for everything and within view, so that you are able to check that there are no existing problems to be cleared before you begin your own mapping. Be careful that the issue that iD highlights is actually within your allocated square.

Warnings from iD (Issues)

Warnings at any time id issues icon

id issues

id issues everywhere

In the first image only the mappers own edits are shown - there are no issues, but there is a warning that a potential issue exists. The second image shows all potential issues everywhere in view, and warns of the highway / building overlap which has been previously mapped and saved by someone.


Warnings Whilst mapping

iD will warn you if you may be making a mistake in your mapping, for instance accidentally overlapping a road and building.

warn when mapping

See also

The iD editor Guide on LearnOSM which gives more information.