Aerial imagery & Alignment - iD editor

Created 2019-06-28

Changing the background aerial imagery


To change the background imagery select the background icon in the menu, shown in the above image, and select the required imagery from the list. If the imagery is not listed, you can add it by pasting the provided link into the custom box.

Brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness may also be adjusted, which may help in identifying features.

Aligning the background aerial imagery


There are occasions when you may realise that the imagery you have loaded is not aligned;

  1. There are gps traces available of the highways, they align with the highways, but the imagery does not, or
  2. It may be mentioned in the instructions of a task in the Tasking Manager that the imagery should be aligned to existing traced features.

If you are working on a really large area, you may find that the imagery requires realignment part way during your work.

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