MapSwipe is a mobile app that aims to prepare satellite imagery for larger scale mapping in OpenStreetMap (OSM). With MapSwipe information, OSM mappers don’t have to spend valuable time scanning unpopulated areas (e.g. deserts or forests) or areas with poor quality data. Those have already been filtered out by Mapswipe. The red boundary in this picture marks the area of interest, the green areas are those accepted through Mapswipe as areas which contain features.


Mapswipe distinguishes itself from other forms of mapping by its simpleness and ease of use.

How to use Mapswipe

First you have to choose your “mission”. Every mission contains several imagery tiles that you can swipe through.

What you can do with the tiles depends on the mission-type

  • Build area. Tap on a tile if it contains a certain feature (buildings, highways etc.) contains

  • Building footprint. Indicate if a mapped feature is correct or not shape

  • Change detection (currently experimental). Using a Before and After image, one has to indicate if something has been changed changed

Request a project

Mapswipe is developed by the Missing Maps Project. However, other organizations can request to use Mapswipe.

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